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AllTerrain Hoverboard App & Guide

HoverboardX All Terrain User Guide

The All Terrain is more than just a hoverboard. Learn how to take advantage of its many features with this User Guide.


I. The HoverboardX Hoverboard App

The HoverboardX app was designed to give users more options and usability with their All Terrain. In this guide you'll learn how to take advantage of the additional features the HoverboardX application brings to the HBX-AT.

Installing The Application

1. Begin by going to the App Store on iOS or Android and search up "HoverboardX," then install our app. On iOS you may have to search up "Hoverboard X" with a space in order for our app to display in the search results.

hoverboard app on androidapp on ios store
2. Once the app is installed, open it and scroll through the introductory slides. Then process to the next step.

Connecting the App to Your Hoverboard

3. Turn on the HBX-AT and activate bluetooth on your smartphone.
4. "Hoverboard" will pop-up as a connectable device within the HoverboardX app. Connect and set a passcode, default "000000."

Setting Speed Settings

5. There are 3 speed options: Beginner, Normal and Advanced. These speed options change the power delivery to allow faster speeds or slow down the HBX-AT. In order to change the speed setting, you must be off the hoverboard.

Dashboard Functions

6. The dashboard displays speed, battery percentage as well as distance traveled.

GPS Features

7. The GPS feature allows you to view where you have gone with your All Terrain.



II. LED Display Indicators

Display indicators and what they mean.

hoverboard led lights diagram

LED (1). Alarm Light (Red)

When the red LED light flashes, it means something needs to be checked. (Lower battery, AC adapter goes wrong or the main board needs to be checked)

LED (2). Working Status LED (Green)

When you step on the scooter, the green LED light will on.

LED (3). Charging Active LED (Green)

When charging the self-balancing scooter this light will illuminate green.

LED (4). Battery capacity (Green)

Three LEDs are on means 71%-100%
Two LEDs are on means 41%-70%
One LED is on means 11%-40%
No LED is on means the battery capacity is lower than 10%

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